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Fujikin Announcements

Here you’ll find all the latest announcements about Fujikin’s newest high purity fluid and gas control technologies, valve products, literature, and services.

Fuijkin of America’s new Valve Part Number Look-Up and Product Configurator Tools can now be found on its web site.

Ideal for Semiconductor, Aerospace, Industrial and BioPharm equipment
Process and plant engineers in need of controller valves will find it easier than ever before to review Fujikin product specification information by specific part number utilizing Fuijkin America’s new internet-based Valve Part Number Look-Up and Product Configurator Tools now found on its web site at www.fujikin.com.

When it comes to innovation, Fujikin has long been a leader with breakthrough first achievements in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The company pioneered high-purity gas delivery with spring-less diaphragm valves and low dead-space design valves. It developed one of the first pressure-based flow control systems for semiconductor manufacturing. It set the industry standard in high-speed electrically controlled valves. It also was the first to integrate manufacturing and testing in a single super clean room environment.

Many of the electronics industry’s most popular computers, storage devices and network systems rely on semiconductors produced with Fujikin’s controller valves. The company’s automated manufacturing and test equipment is manufactured by Fujikin to the highest standards. All valves are 100 percent quality tested -- not just randomly checked. Products are delivered clean-room-to-clean-room . . . from Fujkin’s manufacturing clean room to the customer’s production clean room to ensure the highest of sanitary standards.

In the semiconductor industry, Fujikin is an innovator in advanced surface treatment technology. The company’s valves have helped solve many of the semiconductor industry’s most difficult manufacturing problems with corrosion and particle generation. Its products are also found in advanced applications within the aerospace, the pharmaceutical and many other clean industries.

Fujikin’s gas valves offer many advantages in semiconductor fab processes. The company’s engineering, manufacturing and quality systems allow it to produce valves finished to less than 5 Ra, which minimizes killer particles during semiconductor manufacturing.

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