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Semiconductor Products
Fujikin's advanced fluid and gas automatic control equipment, specialized gas control units, ceramic valves, ultra-high precision electrically-actuated needle valves, as well as ultra high purity valves, fittings and mass flow controllers are suitable for use in a wide range of discrete manufacturing and materials equipment and processes.
Fujikinís thermal series Mass Flow Controllers (FCS-T) are designed specifically for semiconductor and solar applications that combines high accuracy, better throughput and reduced system costs.

Exceptional Accuracy
The FCS-Thermal Series MFCs achieve exceptional accuracy, fast response, and excellent repeatability by utilizing digital technology.

High Performance Sensor
Fujikin uses a low temperature flow sensor that enables longer MFC life and prevents sensor clogging when flowing reactive gases such as arsine, phosphine and diborane.

Highly Reliable Diaphragm Valve
Fujikin has incorporated decades of experience in valves in the control valve assembly. It utilizes fast responding solenoid and piezoelectric actuators and dead space-free construction to provide excellent gas displacement characteristics and virtually no particle generation.

For more information on the Fujikin FCS-Thermal MFCs, click here for a brochure.


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