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Fujikin is thrilled to announce a breakthrough in advanced process gas delivery control. Introducing the world's first Electrically Controlled Valve (ECV) for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Blistering Speed
The ECV has a close-to-open response time of only 3.5ms, and an open-to-close response time of 5ms. That's more than seventeen times faster than that of the fastest conventional, pneumatically-actuated valve's response time of 60ms. This next level of precise gas control promotes tighter tolerances and ensures a higher level of final product reliability and repeatability

Electrically-Actuated -- No Air Required!
Driven exclusively by an electric signal, the ECV does not require pneumatic tubing and eliminates the need for actuation solenoid valves. One simple electrical connection to the ECV Drive Unit is all that's needed!
Once there is no need for air-actuated valves, the following problems are eliminated:
Slow response and delays due to the inherent gas
    transfer properties of air actuation
Inaccurate and tedious gas delivery time
Variables such as temperature, regulated air
    pressure fluctuations, air-line leaks, and number
    of valves actuated simultaneously

Intuitive and Flexible Control
The standard ECV Drive Unit can operate up to eight ECV's simultaneously and independently from each other using a standard switched input. Furthermore, the power supply range is 100 VAC to 240 VAC, eliminating the need for special power supplies.

Unsurpassed Leak Integrity
Outboard and inboard leak integrity -- as well as leakage across the seat -- is orders of magnitude better than industry standards at an ultra-tight 5x10 -12 Pa•m3 /sec (5x10 -11 acc/sec). This value covers standard interfaces such as W-Seal Surface-Mount, tube stub, and male or female UJR type.

Our Focus is on Safety and Dependability
Fujikin's primary focus on all products manufactured has always been the safety of personnel and equipment. This is why we exceed the industry's minimum safety requirements -- both in product life and performance -- by more than the MTTF (mean time to failure) industry standard. The ECV also offers an extra level of safety by mechanically closing in the unlikely event of a power failure.



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