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A better solution to slow-start valves! Fujikin’s Dual-Flow Valve combines two actuators into one extremely compact valve, making possible a selectable flow rate for gradual chamber pressurization without particle agitation.

Compact Design
An intuitive and efficient design allows for a space-saving actuator of only 35mm diameter.

Set It and Lock It
The Low-Flow setting is set at the factory to the user-desired rate and locked in place to prevent inadvertent adjustment. Future design will allow for user adjustable low-flow setting.

UJR End-Connections
UJR end-connections are highly robust and compatible with VCR®-type conventional fittings as well. This allows installation in both existing and new gas lines without costly modifications.

Ultra-Smooth Internal Finish
The valve internal surface finish is 5 Ra maximum as standard, allowing the dual-flow valve to be utilized in a multitude of services.

Dual-Piston Actuator
Dual pistons make-up the actuator design, and allows for rapid and precise flow switching.

Improved Tool Performance
By switching between the low-flow and high-flow rates, the chamber pressure can now be raised gradually without agitating particles. Large volume chambers can also be accommodated - difficult to achieve with conventional slow-start valves.

High-Flow Port

Actuating the high-flow port enables the large-flow mode. 100% of the valve’s rated Cv is delivered.

Low-Flow Port
Actuating the low-flow port allows for a user-selectable initial flow that can range from a small bleed, up to 100% of valve’s rated Cv.

Stringent Leakage Standards
Seat and external leakage successfully test at 5x10-11 acc/sec -- which is two orders of magnitude tighter than industry standards.

Fujikin Mega Series Valve
Stainless steel 316L body, nickel-alloy direct diaphragm, and PCTFE seat is available in 1/4” and 3/8” sizes.



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