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Control moisture content, increase steam quality, work with H2 more safely

In recent years, ULSI device production technology has advanced in two major directions: miniaturization and increase in wafer diameter. However, the demand for device reliability continues to increase.

In 1995, Fujikin succeeded in developing a new water vapor generating system that generates ultra-high purity water vapor by means of a catalytic reaction of O2 and H2 a a radically different means than conventional pyrogenic water vapor generators.

Since then we have continued to gather data, perform exhaustive durability tests, and continually improved upon our process to create the present Water Vapor Generator (WVG).

The WVG catalytic reaction allows water vapor to be generated at a much lower temperature than is possible with conventional pyrogenic systems, and provides both high levels of safety and contamination-free output.

Now with an expanded range of flow control, the WVG may be used in a wide variety of processes.


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