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UJR gasket vacuum connectors offer high quality and outstanding performance. These tube connectors are designed and mass produced to incorporate the advanced production technologies and design experience of leading precision tube connector manufacturer.

UJR gasket vacuum connectors are precision union tube connectors in which the tube is welded to the sleeve, a metal gasket inserted between the sleeve edge seal and the body seal and the structure sealed with a union nut.

The four main structural parts, the body, sleeve, union nut and gasket, are all manufactured of stainless steel 316 (SUS316) or 316L.

Features and Applications
Use of the Pure Ring prevents twisting during tightening and
    improves sealing performance remarkably. Also, torque
    reducing effect increases working efficiency.
Space along the axis is not required for connection and
    disconnection thus enabling working in tight spaces.
High precision finishing of the sealing surfaces of the body
    and sleeve ensures high air tightness even though it is a
    metal seal.
Superior corrosion resistance and pressure resistance extends
    applications from high vacuums and high temperatures to
    extremely low temperatures. Maximum gasket working
    temperature is 1004° F (540°C) for FSUS316 stainless steel
    and 1400°F (760°C) for nickel made.
Can be safely used resisting impact pressure and vibrations.
Union nut threads are silver plated, thus preventing thread
Tube size is indicated on the sleeve for quick confirmation.
All connectors are packed in a clean environment following
    degreasing treatment, thus enabling immediate use
    applications where oils and greases are prohibited.


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