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Fujikin Profile
Fujikin Incorporated, founded in 1930, is recognized as a global leader in the manufacture of fluid and gas automatic control equipment, specialized control units, as well as ultra high purity valves and fittings. Fujikin's products are used throughout the semiconductor, aerospace, chemical and electric power generation industries. For High Purity Products, Fujikin is currently the only company manufacturing in a Class-1 clean room environment.
Fujikin Daruma
Daruma Dolls--Okiagari Koboshi (Tumbler Doll)--One of the most popular talismans of good luck in modern Japan is the armless, legless, and eyeless Daruma doll, or tumbler doll. Sold at temple festivals and fairs, such dolls are typically made of papier-mache, painted red, and depict Bodhidharma seated in mediation. When knocked on its side, the doll pops back to the upright position (hence "tumbler" doll, or "okiagari koboshi"). The doll comes in many sizes - the standard size is larger than a basketball. While most Daruma dolls are male, some Japanese localities have female daruma ("ehime daruma" or "princess daru ma").

Eye-Painting Custom--At New Year time, many Japanese individuals and corporations buy a Daruma doll, make a resolution, and then paint in one of the eyes. If, during the year, they are able to achieve their goal, they paint in the second eye. We never paint the second pupil until our goal of satisfying the challenging demands of our customers are met in the high purity semiconductor and other discrete manufacturing and process equipment industries.
For Products used in Semiconductor Wafer manufacturing Fujikin has pioneered high quality, advanced surface treatment technology in order to deal with the problems surrounding corrosion and particle generation in semiconductor manufacturing. In today's high-volume production environments, killer particles as small as 0.025 micron now play a large role in robbing fabs of higher throughput and device yields.

Only Fujikin's valves and fittings are polished to an internal finish of less than 5 Ra Max. to minimize particle contamination and buildup. Fujikin's ultra pure manufacturing process features superior polishing, followed by a thorough cleaning process that removes all residual contaminants and particles. Every product is then carefully inspected before shipping.

Mission Statement
Dedicated to the progress and prosperity of the semiconductor and other high purity discrete manufacturing and process industries where our advanced fluid and gas flow technologies provide precision measurement and control in critical applications.

Fujikin in Time
1930 | Engaged in wholesale of piping
    materials and machinery and metal products
    for domestic sales and export mainly to China

1976 | Class 10,000 clean booth built in
    Osaka Plant to produce aerospace products

    Constructed a industry-leading clean room at
    the Osaka Plant, for production of valves for
    space rockets

1981 | Opened overseas office in New Jersey,
    U.S.A. 1985 - Class 10 clean room built in
    Kashiwara Plant for semiconductor products,
    Class 10,000 for standard products

1988 | Opened a sales office in San Jose,
    U.S.A., to serve as base for sales activities
    and technical exchanges

1989 | Class 1 clean room added to
    Kashiwara Plant for semiconductor UP

1990 | Purchased assets of Carten Controls,
    Inc.(CCI), Connecticut, U.S.A. and Carten
    Controls, Ltd. (CCL), Ireland, precision valve

1994 | Upgrade Class 10 clean room to Class
    1 at Kashiwara to meet increasing demand
    for UHP parts

1996 | 7,300 sq.ft Class 10 & Class 1 clean
    room built in Cheshire, Connecticut

1998 | Expansion of Osaka Kashiwara plant

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